Data quality in remote monitoring – a comparative analysis

Together with Mona Fetouh, now at the UN Office for Internal Oversight, and Christian Balslev-Olesen, now with DanChurchAid, I have worked on remote monitoring in Eastern Burma, based on our experience in Somalia. Mona presented this experience at the 28th ALNAP meeting in April 2013 in Washington, DC – links to the materials are below.

Both environments are characterised by heavy reliance of by international aid organisations on local partners. Because of this, and other factors hindering direct access for monitoring visits, real-time testing was developed for a number of familiar and new channels to collect and validate monitoring information in remote management situations. The presentation was made from a practitioner’s perspective, and learning from testing new channels for collection and validation was offered.

These are the links to the materials:

ALNAP 28th Meeting

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