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Paper on Data Quality in Remote Monitoring at Evaluation 2013

Our work on Remote Monitoring will be a paper at the American Evaluation Association Annual Conference Evaluation 2013:

Remote Monitoring in Somalia and Eastern Burma: a Comparative Analysis


Mona Fetouh, United Nations
Volker Hüls, Making Aid Work
Christian Balslev-Olesen, Danish Church Aid

Abstract: As aid agencies contend with increased risks and diminishing humanitarian space globally, they have had to adopt more flexible methods of aid delivery, monitoring, and evaluation. This paper examines experiences of UNICEF, International Rescue Committee, and The Border Consortium in Somalia and Eastern Burma–environments characterized by restricted access and heavy reliance by international aid organisations on local partners. Because of these factors hindering direct access for monitoring visits, these agencies tested and developed a number of familiar and new channels to collect and validate monitoring information in remote management situations. The presentation comes from a practitioner’s perspective, and contributes to the small but growing knowledge base on M&E in emergency contexts.

I will post the link to the paper when it is out